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A tribute to two Stop Illegal Fishing champions

Stop Illegal Fishing would like to congratulate and warmly welcome the arrival of Hon. Agostinho Salvador Mondlane and the Hon. Wallace Cosgrow as the new ministers responsible for fisheries in Mozambique and the Seychelles respectively. The Hon. Agostinho Salvador Mondlane moved from the Ministry of Defence to lead the newly formed Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries while the Hon. Wallace Cosgrow, formerly the Chief Executive of the Social Protection Agency, now heads the also newly formed Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture. The new Ministers succeed the Hon. Victor Borges from Mozambique and the Hon. Peter Sinon from Seychelles.

The Hon. Victor Manuel Borges was previously Deputy Minister of Fisheries and succeeded The Hon. Cadmiel Mutemba, continuing his legacy by taking a strong stance against IUU fishing. During his tenure he approved and ... Read more...

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The Nigerian flagged fishing vessel, Viking, has been detained in Malaysia.


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Victoria ...

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